Karen Foster for City of Champaign Township Supervisor


Why You Should Vote Karen Foster

     As a life-long resident of Champaign, I have served the residents in many ways. The majority of my life has been in service to children and families as a teacher in Unit 4 and in three daycare centers/preschools. I was elected to Champaign City Council for eight years.  I have served on the Champaign Neighborhood Services Advisory Board which was the arm of the City responsible for helping develop the Bristol Place neighborhood for more affordable housing in Champaign. Serving on the Family Service Board gave me the opportunity to serve the elderly and others who need assistance in a variety of ways concerning their lives. 

     I am a conservative Republican who believes in limited government. Utilizing grants and other monies to aid those who are in need of assistance as described in the definition for townships is how I would increase funding instead of raising taxes  Serving as Township Supervisor would be my only employment.

     Building trust through teaching and serving on the City Council helped to develop my skills relating to others. My Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling gives me tools that allow me to be understanding and non-judgemental in speaking with the public.


About Me

I was born in Champaign and graduated from Centennial High School in their first class. I received Bachelor’s and Master’s from Eastern Illinois University in Education.  I began my teaching career at Kenwood School teaching second and third grades then changed age levels and have been in Early Childhood Education since 1983.  The Preschool that I began that year is still serving children.  I then started the intergenerational employee childcare center at Champaign County Nursing Home and was there for 16 years.  When that closed in 2006, I started teaching at my first preschool and started my career in politics by winning a seat on the Champaign City Council. No longer on Council, but still teach! Since the Pandemic started in March, 2020, I have been teaching children at The Caring Place.  It is Carle Hospital's employee daycare center. I have been an essential worker caring for the children of those on the frontlines during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a councilmember I did many police ridealongs and have a strong commitment to keeping our community safe. I am married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.


Voting Information

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Champaign, IL

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